Spousal Support

Why You Might Need a Spousal Support Attorney

Whether you are the one who is filing in court to receive spousal support or whether you have just learned that you are being filed against, you are quickly going to find out that the process is going to be daunting if you end up going through it alone. The reason why the legal system has lawyers to begin with is to stand by unrepresented parties and protect you, arming you with knowledge and protecting you because the legal system can be confusing and overwhelming.

Attorneys go through years of school and training to attain the skills needed to represent you, advocate for you, educate you, answer your questions, and make sure that you have someone in your corner from beginning to end.

Choosing Your Spousal Support Attorney

If you’re not sure what spousal support issues are involved, or the potential result, one of the best ways to get comfortable with your situation is to sit down and have a consultation/strategy session with an attorney in your area. This is a great way to get comfortable and build a rapport with a great attorney as well as to find out what kind of case you have. When you sit down for a meeting, the attorney will know that you are looking for basic advice and information, but that you are not committing yourself to being represented, just yet. In other words, this is a great way to see if you’re sitting with an attorney that you can build a relationship with, without feeling like there are any obligations.

Benefits of a Spousal Support Attorney Consultation/Strategy Session

Consultations/Strategy Sessions are a great way to build rapport with an attorney while the spousal support attorney gets to know you and gets to know your case. This is also a great time for you to learn a little bit more about your case while you are sharing information with the attorney. Keep in mind that everything you share with the attorney is confidential even though you have not retained him or her just yet. This means that you should feel comfortable speaking with the attorney openly and conversationally. If you feel like you have comfort and peace of mind at the end of the consultation, and that the information and advice were sound and helpful, then this might be an attorney that you could feel comfortable hiring to help you with your case.  

Remember that ultimately it is up to you to choose the right attorney to meet your needs. Experience, comfort level, rapport, information, and knowledge are important. Finding an attorney that offers all of these things in a respectable law firm is a great jumping off point.

Get Help with Your Spousal Support Case Today

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