Hire a California Lawyer to Help with Property Division Issues

Those going through a divorce must work together to decide how to divide debts and property. Under California property law, assets and debts that spouses acquire during the course of a marriage belong equally to them both. With saying that, they must be divided equally. Some couples will come to an agreement on how to divide these things while others require a family law arbitrator or a property division lawyer to help them to make decisions.

The Process of Dividing Property

A couple must first decide whether the property or debt is martial or if it is separate. Next, they must come to an agreement on the value of the property and how to divide it amongst themselves. One of our professional board-certified attorneys at Ronald E. Gue – Family Law Center can help you to determine these important things. California law states that property spouses acquire before a divorce, but after the date of separation is considered separate property. The process of going through property and assets can be lengthening; however, by having an experienced attorney by your side, you can ensure your rights are protected throughout the legal process.

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At Ronald E. Gue – Family Law Center, we help represent individuals in California during divorce proceedings. We are well versed in the detailed process and can help represent you when you need legal expertise by your side the most. We have worked with many clients going through this same process to guide them throughout the process in order to get them the results that they want and that they deserve. To learn more about our services and to talk to a California lawyer about property division, call 818-891-6106 today. We represent clients in Granada Hills, Santa Clarita, Northridge, Valencia, Mission Hills, Van Nuys, Canoga Park, Burbank, Los Angeles, and San Fernando Valley.

Seeking a Competent Property Division Attorney In Valencia?

If you have a property dispute or need a proficient property division attorney, then you have an advocate in the Ronald E. Gue – Family Law Center. Gue, a Board Certified Family Law Attorney, has the experience to protect your property rights and is ready to go to work for you!

Property Division Counsel Throughout California

The Ronald E. Gue – Family Law Center provides property division counsel in Valencia as well as other cities throughout California. Granada Hills, Santa Clarita, Northridge, Mission Hills, Van Nuys, Canoga Park, Burbank, Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley are also communities that Gue serves.

Property Division and You

With California being a community property state, all marital property is required to be divided between the spouses. Gue will work on your behalf as the property division lawyer you need to help with the complexities of the various assets you have acquired. The Ronald E. Gue – Family Law Center will also work diligently to not only identify separate properties but secure those properties and resolve disputes in a fair and just manner. Whether assets, properties, and monies were inherited or obtained jointly, Gue will devise detailed documentation and explanation of property division procedures.  As a highly skilled legal professional in resolution, Gue will advise clients about property laws in California while producing the best division strategies for clients. You will stay updated, and all the questions and concerns you have about even the most intricate property issue will be addressed by Gue in a respectful and compassionate manner.

A Proven Leader In Property Division

Robert E. Gue has been credentialed as a Family Law Specialist and certified by the California Board of Legal Specialization of the State Bar of California. His scope and knowledge of property division law is broad, and his reputation as an exceptional, competent, and respected property law attorney precedes him. Why not call him today with your questions, issues, or concerns about property division? You have nothing to lose and tremendous insight to gain!