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When it comes to unmarried California couples, paternity disputes can often occur. When children are a part of a marriage that will be ending in divorce; child custody, support, and visitation agreements will need to be discussed. At Ronald E. Gue – Family Law Center, we understand the complexity of child custody law in California. A father’s rights attorney can represent you when you need legal help the most.

Hire a Paternity Disputes Attorney

Paternity is the legal determination of who a biological father of a child is. These legal matters can be emotional. When you need legal representation in Valencia, it’s time to seek the legal help of a father’s rights attorney who has years of experience representing individuals like you. We understand the process and work diligently to protect our clients’ rights along the way. These issues are sensitive, so we work with both parties to get them the results they’re looking for while keeping the best interests of the children in mind.

The easiest way to establish a child’s paternity is with a voluntary declaration of paternity. When a paternity action case is brought to court, the judge may ask for genetic testing to determine if the male is the child’s father. The court can also order the following in father’s rights cases:

  • Payment for genetic testing
  • Health insurance for the child
  • Child support
  • Visitation for the non-custodial parent
  • Physical/legal custody of the child

If it is deemed that someone is the father of a child, a visitation schedule will be made, whether by the couple or by the judge if an agreement cannot be made. The only time that father’s right will be limited is if the court determines that physical or mental health is lacking or a substance abuse problem is evident.

Allow a Board-Certified Attorney to Handle Your Paternity Dispute

At Ronald E. Gue – Family Law Center, a father’s rights attorney is always ready to discuss paternity disputes with clients in California. We represent clients in Granada Hills, Santa Clarita, Northridge, Valencia, Mission Hills, Van Nuys, Canoga Park, Burbank, Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley. To schedule a free consultation with our lawyer, call 818-891-6106 today.