Grounds for Annulment in California

What separates annulments from divorce is that with an annulment, the court invalidates the marriage as if it never occurred in the first place. California law does not presently impose a minimum or maximum marriage duration in order to determine eligibility for an annulment to occur, though there needs to be a valid ground for annulment in order for parties to successfully apply for it.

California Grounds for Annulments

According to marriage and divorce laws in the state, there are specific grounds for annulment that are available to spouses, and the party who is seeking an annulment must prove one of these grounds, or more, for a court to grant the annulment. State laws might automatically establish that a marriage is invalid if it is:

(1) Bigamous, meaning that it involves at least one spouse who is currently already married to someone else, or

(2) Incestuous, meaning that it involves siblings or other (close) blood relatives.

The laws in California also allow for spouses to annul their marriage if one of the spouses can prove that the marriage has resulted from force or fraud, meaning that one of the spouses forced the other to marry them. Additionally, if one of the spouses was a minor at the time that the marriage occurred, the court might be able to grant the annulment unless the party had permission from their parents. If one of the spouses had an unsound mind at the time of the marriage, this might also be grounds for an annulment. Finally, a spouse might also be able to obtain an annulment of their marriage based on there being an incurable physical incapacity of the other spouse.

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